Multi-Chip LED for Optical Sensing

λp805nm Light Emitting Diode <Infrared>


You can have Multiwavelength in one package by our Multi-Chip LED customize service.  This is devoted for your product’s minimalization.  Max 7 chips are able to be one package.  Please select your required wave lengths among the followings.  Sealing hermetic CAN on the stem is recommended when your application needs high durability.

*If you require more than 7 chips, customizing COB (Chip On Board) is available.

Product Catalogue


R, G and B combination for Color analyzer
IR and R combination for Blood analyzer

Ultraviolet : 370nm 395nm 400nm

Visible : 430nm 470nm 500nm 525nm 560nm 575nm 590nm 610nm 620nm 630nm 635nm 645nm 660nm
Infrared : 700nm 740nm 770nm 805nm 810nm 830nm 850nm 870nm 880nm 910nm 940nm 1020nm 1050nm 1300nm 1550nm

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