Reflective Mirror Type LED: AOP2-9505P1

Reflective Mirror Type LED AOPSeries 1.5A Type High power & High intensity: AOP2-9505P1


AOP2-9505P1 is high power and high intensity LED by using existing reflective mirror type package, whose peak-wavelength is 950nm typical.  Since the larger chip is installed, Max. 1.5A (IFP) can be applied, and higher optical power can be realized with lower photocurrent.
The emission is much more invisible than λp850nm which is common for the light source for security or traffic related surveillance camera.


・Invisible Emission
・High Optical Output Power
・350mW/sr at IF=100mA
・Can be Operated with IFP=1.5A (Pulse Width≦100μs, duty: 1/100)
・Small and Compact (6x6x3mm Package)
・Excellent Light Distribution


・Image Sensing for Analyzers and Measuring Instruments
・IR Illuminator for Surveillance System in the Field of Security and Traffic Survey
・ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition)


AOP2-9505P1 λp950nm Infrared Reflective Mirror Type

Product Catalogue

Parameter Symbol Value Unit Condition
Forward Current If   150 mA  
Peak Radiant Intensity Po Typ 350 mW/Sr Ta=25°
Forward Voltage VF Typ 1.4 V
Peak Wavelength λp Typ 950 Nm
Viewing Half Angle θ1/2 Typ ±7 °

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