Silicon Photodiodes

Silicon Photodiodes


We will provide light receiving elements & devices suitable for your needs.  Available by wafers, array and packaged.  Our reliable PIN Photodiodes are used for measurement instruments.  Such as Light receiving element for rotary encoder.


・Optical Switches
・Edge Sensing
・Fiber Optical Communications
・Smoke Detectors
・Automatic Controllers
・EE Cameras
・Exposure Meters
・Photo Switches
・Remote Controllers

Custom Made and Assembly

Customized products are also available according to your required specifications.  Nowadays, the latest sensing devices demand higher performance and tend to be complicated.  In order to perfectly meet your various needs, we offer customized semiconductors from designing, prototyping to manufacturing totally.


  • Small Ø3 Ceramic Photo diode type

    Small Ø3 Ceramic Photo Diode Type

    This is very useful when there are very limited space for light receiving device in your product design.

  • Can and mold type

    Can and Mold Type

    Metal CAN packages for High reliability in demanding environments.

  • Multi-element type

    Multi-element Type

    These Si PIN photodiodes consist of 2 or 4 elements having sensitivity near IR range and packed stem can without Lens.

Single-Element Type

Our SD-series Si photo diodes were developed by advanced diffusion technology.  They are capable of measuring an illumination as feeble as1/1000lx with a high linearity while showing quite small dark current.

SD-A series is focusing quick response by minimized junction capacitance.  Due to using ceramic case, they are excellent in reproducibility in the measurement of faint light.

SD-7BA is suitable for automatic controllers, spectrometers and other optical instruments required to operate over a wide range from the visible light to near infrared light with high spectral sensitivity.

SD-73BAF is designed to sensitive to the visible light only and is suitable for EE cameras, exposure meters, and sensors which only need to be operated on visible light.


Photo diode Chips (By wafer)

Ta = 25℃

Model No. Chip size (mm) Isc (μA) Id (pA) Conditions
PD-11 1.2 x 1.8 1.0 5.0 VR=1V
PD-21 1.35 x 2.05 1.5 10.0 VR=1V
PD-71 2.45 x 2.7 3.0 20.0 VR=1V
PD-7B 2.7 x 3.1 3.5 30.0 VR=1V

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