Photo Transistor

Silicon Photodiodes


Our wide variety of photo transistors must satisfy your needs.  For example, Silicon Photo transistor: PTC080M3B is recommended for applications require high-sensitivity large-output.  High reliability due to the passivation technology.  Excellent in photo detection over a wide range from visible light to near infrared rays.  Only Ø3mm compact body dedicated to minimalize your products.


PTC080M3B Ceramic type

Product Catalogue

Parameter Symbol Value Unit Condition  (Ta=25°)
Collector Emitter Current Icel Typ. 1.0 mA Vce=10V, Ee=0.5mw/cm2
Collector Dark Current Iceo Max. 100 nA Vce=10V, Ee=0mw/cm2
C-E Saturation Voltage VCE(Sat) Typ. 0.2 V Ic=0.2mA, Ee=5mw/cm2
Peak Sensitivity Wave Length λp Typ. 880 nm  
Active Area A 0.36 mm2  

※Color Temperature=2870°K standard Tungsten Lump

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